Gettin’ Ziggy With It! My First Time Trying a ‘Mess-Free Period Sex’ Menstrual Cup

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Period sex– it’s the elephant in the (bed)room, the final frontier of vanilla intercourse, and quite possibly the big red stain on your pristine, white sheets. Your monthly flow has a thing for plot twists. One minute you’re running to the bathroom with cramps and constipation, the next you’re staring down your sex toy drawer and dragging your partner into the sheets.  OF course, once the passion begins to ebb, it’s time for irritably cursing and swearing as you rip the blood-stained bedspread off with lightning speed and dash back to the bathroom in hopes that a dose of cold tap water will save your beloved sheet set (because dammit, they’re from Target, for crying out loud!).

Random bouts of hormone-induced insanity aside, there’s something beautifully raw and hot about sex on the rag. It’s like some sort of sexual superhero emerges from the cloud of brain chemicals to dominate and destroy with the almighty powers of orgasm. Your animal urges are coming in fierce, and girl, you’re ready to f*ck with a capital F!

We’re all for embracing menstruation (obviously!), and period sex comes with a host of benefits, least of all the extra lubrication that it lends you!

On the flip side, don’t feel like you’re body-shaming yourself for not being into the idea of using blood as lubricant. For some folks, the sight of bright-red blood can even be triggering or nauseating, and we respect your right to choose what kind of period sex works for you.

Just because you’re an enlightened woman who honors and nourishes her body and knows that periods are normal doesn’t mean you necessarily want to get Mother Nature’s red dye all over your thighs (and your partner). That’s why your true-blue babe crew over at Intimina cooked up our latest and greatest period cup creation – the Ziggy Cup – so you can experience all the awesomeness of period sex without the most annoying part: clean up!

Not Your Average Period Cup

You already knows that our Lily Cups are the perfect choice for eco-friendly, mess-less periods. These super comfy, small silicone cups are inserted a bit like an applicator-free tampon using a finger or two, and they stay securely in place inside the vagina to collect blood. I like them better than tampons because they’re reusable and aren’t chock full of potentially harmful bleaches and chemicals like a lot of other insertable menstrual products or pads. Ziggy follows those same body and earth-friendly rules with one exception: it’s specially designed to accommodate penetration.

Ziggy has all the best parts of a period cup – reusability, comfort, and body-safe silicone – re-vamped into a squishy-soft, half-circle design that seals in period mess and doesn’t overflow or get all bent out of shape when met with a penis, vibrator, or dildo.

Learning Some New Moves

Inserting the Ziggy Cup can take a bit of practice, but unlike that a wanna-be smooth talker in your DMs, this baby slides in without making you frown in disgust.

Depending on your method of birth control, this might not be your first time with the insertion process. If the Ziggy looks familiar, that’s because the design is a bit like a diaphragm, a reusable birth control device in the form of a soft, rounded cup that fits over the cervix to prevent sperm from sneaking in. Inserting the Ziggy Cup is pretty much identical to the process of placing a diaphragm: squish the sides together, push it into the vagina, and then use a finger to move it up the rest of the way and make adjustments until it fits comfortably over your cervix.

However, we’ve gotta warn you that Ziggy’s priorities are all about the blood and not at all about babies. Ziggy will prevent a bloody mess, but it won’t necessarily prevent pregnancy!

Yep, This is Where the Magic Happens

Now that Ziggy is hanging out under your cervix to catch your flow, it’s time to grab your nearest sex toy, partner, or both, and have at it just like you would during the rest of the month. Seriously, all the raging sex hormones of your period without the pain-in-the-butt mess? Sign. Us. Up!

You might notice a tiny bit of blood leftover near the entrance to your vagina, but it’s really no biggie, we promise. Ziggy is still holding your flow at bay. If it’s bugging you out, give your nether regions a quick wash in the shower by splashing some clean, plain water over your labia.

Now that you’re ready for some solo action or partnered sexy times, get ready to feel the magic – and plot twist again, you can’t feel anything at all (except all the good sexy things)! Ziggy Cup’s durable yet paper-thin design is made to handle all the thrusting you adore from your boyfriend or toyfriend, while the double-edged rim stays suctioned against your vaginal wall.

Nope, it’s not a dream. You’ve finally found the perfect period cup, and while it might not play guitar with spiders from Mars (did you really think we wouldn’t include a Bowie reference?), Ziggy is so ready to give you a universe-expanding period climax.

Ziggy Cup - Ultimate Comfort, Infinite Possibilities

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