The Vow All Of Us Should Take

When it comes to women’s health our biology dictates certain health problems none of us can escape. However, some conditions affect only women which is why we have to take matters into our own hands – as no one else will. Periods are just one of the conditions (or for some – ailments) that we live through that clearly show where we land on the privilege specter. It’s pretty unbelievable that to this day all women still don’t have equal access to adequate period products. This basic inequality is the reason International Menstrual Hygiene Day exists.

“Menstrual Hygiene Day (MH Day) is a global advocacy platform that brings together the voices and actions of non-profits, government agencies, individuals, the private sector and the media to promote good menstrual hygiene management (MHM) for all women and girls.”

Finally, women everywhere have started to realize the awesome power we wield when united for a cause close to our hearts (and vaginas). It’s bleedin’ about time!  

Celebrating International Menstrual Hygiene Day  

Millions of women have no access to basic sanitary products and even if they do, they risk public ridicule, shaming, and even worse: their own safety.

Every day more than 800 million women menstruate. It doesn’t take a lady astronaut to figure out that good menstrual hygiene plays a fundamental role in enabling us to reach our full potential and do whatever the hell we want – whenever we want it.

In many developing countries women and girls have neither access to basic necessities; period-related information, clean water, and toilets, nor access to sanitary products of the quality we take for granted. Elsewhere, women are taxed extra just for being women.

We’ll fight until the very last drop(let) to change that.

Ladies, we have started a code red to action. Join Intimina’s sisterhood on International Menstrual Hygiene Day On May the 28th and pledge with blood for a better period future – for every one of us.

So what’s a Bloody Good Pledge?

When you buy an INTIMINA cup, Intimina will donate 1 cup to women in dire need, on your behalf.

Alternatively, if you, your friends and family, want to join the menstrual cup movement there’s also an option to get any cup from the range for 25% off. Bloody Good Fact: the moment you start using a menstrual cup, your relationship with your period changes. Using a cup is possibly the most liberating thing you can for yourself, other than bringing down the patriarchy #whilebleeding!

Don’t forget – we prepare 25% off for all blog readers. Just use code TAKECARE15 at checkout

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