Kegels: The Earlier the Better?

Whether you pronounce it key-gul or kay-gul, you’ve probably heard something about this wonderful little workout. Developed by Dr. Kegel, this exercise is a simple contraction of your pelvic floor muscles (upwards and inwards) which can build strength and tone over time. The benefits of Kegeling range from improving your sex life to preventing incontinence, and are crucial for women who are planning to have kids. But are Kegel exercises just for older women? Our answer is a resounding no.

What Age Should You Start Kegels?

Basically – the sooner you start, the sooner you will feel the benefits! Sure, Kegels on the regular are most beneficial to certain groups, like the 50% of women who experience bladder leaks, but even if you don’t suffer from adult incontinence, haven’t had a baby, and don’t plan on it, it’s important to get familiar with the sensation of the exercise. Kegels are a valuable preventative tool to keep in your back pocket (or front pocket, in this case), should you ever need it.

If you’re not a delayed gratification kind of gal, perhaps the amazing sexual benefits of Kegels could be reason enough to give them a try. At the end of the day, is anyone too young to have a strong and healthy pelvic floor? We think not!

Can Kegels Really Improve My Sex Life?

Absolutely! Kegels are well known for their ability to improve sexual satisfaction. You may notice that when you orgasm you feel pleasurable spasms in your vagina; that’s your pelvic floor muscles contracting! If you take the time to do regular Kegel exercises, then you will notice an increase in the strength of your orgasms. Even if you are one of the 8/10 women who don’t always orgasm from vaginal intercourse, strong, receptive pelvic floor muscles improve your sexual sensation in general.

Added bonus: stronger pelvic floor muscles can mean a more intense orgasm for guys too! And yes – Kegel exercises for men are also a thing. So get squeezin’ with your main squeeze for sex that is off-the-charts for you both!

How Do I Do Kegels?

A Kegel is simple contraction of your pelvic floor muscles. If you’re not sure if you’re doing it right, try to stop mid-stream the next time you urinate – that’s them! Many women find it difficult to know where to begin when it comes to pelvic floor exercises, in fact 50% of women do not know how to do Kegels correctly.

A vaginal weight is a great way to help you focus on the right movements and ensure proper form. Exercisers like  Laselle  provide just the right amount of resistance to improve your pelvic floor strength and ensure that you’re performing the correct technique of lifting upwards. That pelvic floor will be jacked in no time at all.

Voila! If you had any concerns about being too young to do Kegels, hopefully we’ve helped clear things up. Everyone deserves to have strong and healthy pelvic floor muscles, so next time you’re feeling too lazy to hit the gym, why not put your feet up, stay home and Kegel instead.

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