Introducing KegelSmart – The Pelvic Exerciser that Takes the Guesswork Out of Kegels

The revolution in Kegel exercising has arrived! Intimina is pleased to announce the US launch of KegelSmart – the smartest yet simplest Kegel trainer ever. It coaches you, just like a personal trainer, to help you easily and effectively strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. In only 5 minutes a day, you can finally conquer your Kegels and achieve perfect pelvic health! All you have to do is: contract when it vibrates and rest when it stops.


Watch our video to see why KegelSmart is the easiest Kegel routine ever!

Women so often hear about the importance and benefits of Kegel exercises, but the problem is that, without guidance, most who try Kegels quickly give up. Without knowing for how long you should hold each contraction or how many contractions you should do, or without even being able to tell if you’re making progress, Kegels can seem daunting.

As the experts in feminine care, we recognized the need for a simple, yet intelligent solution for pelvic workouts. With the support of our medical advisory board and our team of designers and engineers, we developed KegelSmart – the device that will truly change the way women think about Kegel exercising.

What makes KegelSmart the smart choice?

  • FDA Cleared, Class II Medical Device
  • Developed with gynecologists
  • Automatically sets an exercise level that’s right for you
  • Uses unique, easy-to-follow vibration guidance
  • Features an LED light that indicates your current level between exercises

Is KegelSmart right for you?

Kegels are essential for women at all stages of their life, especially if:

You need KegelSmart if...


Don’t let Kegel confusion keep you from a healthy pelvic floor. Let KegelSmart be your personal pelvic trainer and have a full intimate life at every age!

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