Hey Smarty-Pants! Have You Tried KegelSmart Yet?

Looking for a little extra help when it comes to keeping your pelvic floor? Or – gasp! – are you not even sure what your pelvic floor is? Then get comfy and give this a read!

What are Pelvic Floor Muscles?

Sometimes called ‘Kegel muscles’ (after the doctor that first came up with the exercises to strengthen them), these muscle group is hugely important for how little attention they get! Acting like a hammock, they support many of our internal organs, control the bladder and bowel movements, and are tied to our ability to orgasm!

The afore-mentioned Dr. Arnold Kegel first started teaching patients how to strengthen their pelvic floor in 1948, using a squeezing method that is like stopping your urine in mid-flow – which is a good way to see which muscles they are, but not good for your bladder health o do frequently.

How Does KegelSmart Work?

Designed similarly to  bullet vibe that’s worn internally, there is so much more to this little device!  KegelSmart has special pressure sensitive plates under its silicone coating that can actually sense how hard your muscles are squeezing around it.

Using this information, KegelSmart creates a personalized training program just for you by setting ‘workout routines’ and recording your progress – all you have to do is insert, contract when it vibrates and relax when it stops. Every time you turn on KegelSmart, a light will flash to indicate your current strength level, so you can work your way up from 1 to 5!

Aren’t I Too Young for Kegel Exercises?

You may think Kegels are just for those who have hit menopause or have had a baby – and while they can definitely help with general weakening pelvic floor muscles and post-baby recovery – that doesn’t mean you should put them off!

There are some sure signs that you should be devoting time to the ‘ol lift and squeeze, like if you’re part of the 50% of women who experience bladder leaks when you laugh or cough. If you don’t experience that particular problem, but think you might have a weak pelvic floor anyway, then we have another BIG reason to make them part of your life – namely, orgasms! The amazing sexual benefits of Kegels could be reason enough for anyone give them a try. At the end of the day, is anyone too young to have a strong and healthy pelvic floor? We think not!

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