INTIMINA’s Lily Cup Range Is Now Available at MEC!



At INTIMINA, we are always striving to empower women to redefine the limits of their period.

Our exciting new partnership with MEC offers women across Canada the opportunity to do more, with a sustainable alternative for every adventure and their everyday life–the Lily Cup!

Lily Cups are perfect for the great outdoors. No need to weigh yourself down with bulky pads and tampons, Lily Cup Compact collapses into a pocket-sized case for portable period protection.

Whether on an extended cycling trip, or spending a few days camping in the backcountry, your period will never hold you back; our menstrual cups have you covered for up to 12 hours! Plus, the ultra-smooth medical grade silicone means these eco-friendly options leave no garbage behind.

We are thrilled to bring Lily Cup Classic, Lily Cup Compact and the Intimate Accessory Cleaner to MEC shelves online and in store, so find the MEC nearest you in here and stop by!

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