Introducing the Lily Cup™ Revolutionizing the Way Women Experience Their Periods

Oct 102012

Intimina's Lily CupThe days of bulky sanitary protection are over, along with the inconveniences of constant changes, embarrassing leaks, and irritations often caused by cotton-based products. A new generation in period protection, the Lily Cup™ is a reusable menstrual cup made of medical-grade silicone. Inspired by nature, its slim flexible shape offers you total convenience and comfort during your period, accommodating your heaviest to lightest flow for up to 12-hours without the need for regular changes.

No strings, no padding, and no spotting, the Lily Cup™ gives you the ultimate freedom to do the activities you love most. Surpassing pads and tampons in every way, women finally have a modern day alternative that fits their busy schedules, and not the other way around. 100% free of any chemicals, bleaches or fibers that could cause sensitivity or allergic reactions, you can clean your Lily Cup™, reuse it and not only save money, but also limit your impact on the environment.

5 Reasons why you’ll love the Lily Cup™

    • • Offers 12-hours of period protection day or night
    • • Eliminates menstrual odor and irritation
    • • Covers your heaviest to lightest flow
    • • So comfortable and soft, you’ll forget you’re wearing it
    • • One-time purchase that saves you money and time


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