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Jul 192016
intimina now at walmart

Intimina Launches In Walmart

We are delighted to announce that select Intimina products are now available at Walmart! Visit to see the full range, including Lily Cup, KegelSmart and Laselle Routine amongst many others. We are so excited to be able to bring better intimate care to even more women across the United States. With free shipping on [...]

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Jun 172016
menstrual cup survey results

How a Menstrual Cup Will Change Your Life – Survey Results

From sex to sleep, cramps to confidence, everyone’s talking about how menstrual cups can change your life. In March 2016, we talked to over 1,500 women about their experiences with a cup to gain a better insight on how exactly a cup can improve your period and your life in general. Thank you so much to [...]

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May 042016
Women discuss vagina fears and leaks

Watch Women Discuss Vagina Fears

In recognition of May being Pregnancy Awareness Month, we asked some real women about their vagina fears, and bladder leaks were top of the list! Watch them discover the key to conquering leaks—KegelSmart personal Kegel trainer. FIND OUT MORE: Leaks When You Laugh, Cough Or Sneeze? Take Action Now The women in this video were all [...]

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Apr 222016

INTIMINA Launches the Menstrual Waste Calculator

You might be surprised at how much trash you throw away each month just from your period. This year in honor of Earth Day, we’ve created the Menstrual Waste Calculator to display the environmental impact of disposable period products like pads and tampons and the huge difference that switching to a more sustainable period protection [...]

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Apr 212016

KegelSmart Review by Meghan Tonjes

Yet again, we LOVE a Meghan Tonjes’s review video! After having reviewed our Lily Cup Compact menstrual cup, Meghan tried out KegelSmart by Intimina – the personal trainer device for your pelvic floor. As Meghan notes, Kegels are important for “basically anyone who has a vagina” and wants to maintain the health of their pelvic [...]

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Feb 232016
Intimina helps bring menstrual cups to women in Gambia

Intimina helps bring menstrual cups to women in Gambia

Intimina are thrilled to announce details of our partnership with the Spanish medical humanitarian association Jatakendeya, who traveled to Gambia with 200 of Intimina’s Lily Cup menstrual cups to launch a menstruation education project. The project was called “1 woman, 1 cup, 10 years of hygiene”, and its goal was to educate teenagers in three [...]

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Feb 222016

Review – Why Meghan Tonjes thinks Lily Cup Compact is the best menstrual cup [Video]

We are so excited with this review video! Youtuber Meghan Tonjes believes we are not taught to feel comfortable about periods – “we don’t talk about it enough, don’t share enough experiences and are not given enough options to deal with it”. As a Lily Cup Compact user for over a year now, Meghan knows [...]

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