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Apr 222016

INTIMINA Launches the Menstrual Waste Calculator + 15% off and FREE SHIPPING on Lily Cups!

You might be surprised at how much trash you throw away each month just from your period. This year in honor of Earth Day, we’ve created the Menstrual Waste Calculator to display the environmental impact of disposable period products like pads and tampons and the huge difference that switching to a more sustainable period protection [...]

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Apr 212016

KegelSmart Review by Meghan Tonjes

Yet again, we LOVE a Meghan Tonjes’s review video! After having reviewed our Lily Cup Compact menstrual cup, Meghan tried out KegelSmart by Intimina – the personal trainer device for your pelvic floor. As Meghan notes, Kegels are important for “basically anyone who has a vagina” and wants to maintain the health of their pelvic [...]

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Mar 212016

Use Menstrual Cups? Take Our Survey and Help Spread the News!

If you use a menstrual cup, we want to hear from you! The objective of this survey is to gain further insight into people’s experience when using cups. The results of the survey will help shape decisions about cups and hopefully encourage more people to make the switch. It won’t take more than 5 minutes to complete and, [...]

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Feb 232016
Intimina helps bring menstrual cups to women in Gambia

Intimina helps bring menstrual cups to women in Gambia

Intimina are thrilled to announce details of our partnership with the Spanish medical humanitarian association Jatakendeya, who traveled to Gambia with 200 of Intimina’s Lily Cup menstrual cups to launch a menstruation education project. The project was called “1 woman, 1 cup, 10 years of hygiene”, and its goal was to educate teenagers in three [...]

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Feb 222016

Review – Why Meghan Tonjes thinks Lily Cup Compact is the best menstrual cup [Video]

We are so excited with this review video! Youtuber Meghan Tonjes believes we are not taught to feel comfortable about periods – “we don’t talk about it enough, don’t share enough experiences and are not given enough options to deal with it”. As a Lily Cup Compact user for over a year now, Meghan knows [...]

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Feb 062016
5000 Years of Period Protection – A History of Menstruation [Video]

5000 Years of Period Protection – A History of Menstruation [Video]

Moss! Papyrus! Diapers on suspenders! Throughout history, women have had some very creative ways of dealing with their periods. Presenting the menses memoirs, a hilarious video by Davison of the YouTube channel LOLPervs. Starting with the sticks and lint used by Ancient Greeks and ending with Lily Cup Compact, Davison takes us on a journey [...]

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Jan 052016

Review – Why Lily Cup Compact is the best menstrual cup [Video]

There’s a reason Marissa Rachel is the “period queen”! She loves to talk about periods on her YouTube channel, and has had so many requests for a video about menstrual cups that she decided she had to do one. And what’s the period queen’s menstrual cup of choice? Lily Cup Compact! Check out the video [...]

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Dec 102015

Introducing KegelSmart Essentials Kit: all you need to conquer your Kegels!

Whether you’re preparing for pregnancy or entering menopause, experience bladder leaks or just want to improve your orgasms, a strong pelvic floor is the key to life-long intimate health. We created KegelSmart to take the guesswork out of pelvic floor exercise and give women an easy, effective way to strengthen their pelvic floor. Now we’re [...]

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Dec 092015

Get to know KegelSmart: the best way to do your Kegels [Video]

We are so excited to present our latest video about KegelSmart, the easiest Kegel routine ever. Kegels are great for all women – whether you’re getting ready for pregnancy or are already in menopause. However, many women have trouble doing them correctly, which means they don’t get results and quickly give up. KegelSmart changes all [...]

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Dec 042015

KegelSmart Review – How KegelSmart can help you solve bladder leakage [Video]

Youtuber Kendall Rae wants us all to stop being embarrassed if our bladders leak. She readily admits that she sometimes pees a little when she laughs or coughs, and has done so since seventh grade. But she also knows that she’s not alone – 1 in 3 women suffer from little bladder leaks! She had [...]

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