Sep 182015

Kalia Couples’ Massager: Bringing you closer

Women no longer have to settle for unsatisfying sex! We are excited to introduce the Kalia Couples’ Massager, a beautifully-designed addition to the bedroom dedicated to bring you closer than ever. Sexual satisfaction is essential for a strong and happy relationship, and a 2009 study also confirmed what most women already know – that women are happier in [...]

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May 252015

Kegelsmart Named a Finalist in the 2015 Medical Design Excellence Awards

We are super excited to announce that KegelSmart has been named a finalist in the 2015 Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA). This program celebrates innovation and design excellence in the medical device and technology industry, with entries from around the world. KegelSmart is a smart, effective, and arguably the simplest to use, new generation pelvic [...]

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May 132015
KegelSmart Pregnancy Infographic What's New

Recover after Childbirth with Kegels | Infographic

Did you know there are muscles in your pelvis that play a vital role during pregnancy and recovering your intimate health after childbirth? Discover this infographic, dedicated to all new and prospective moms, about the importance of your pelvic floor and how you can strengthen this muscle group after childbirth. Find out about the benefits [...]

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May 102015
Kegels for High Impact Sports

Could Your Favorite Sport Be Damaging Your Pelvic Floor?

It’s Women’s Health Week, and many women are planning or have already started exercising to get back in shape after a long winter of chocolate and movie-marathons (we hope that’s not just us!) While any exercise is good for your body and mind, certain sports–called high-impact sports–can actually damage vital muscles in your body. We’re [...]

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Apr 182015

Join Intimina’s RIP Tampons Campaign

  It’s time to say RIP to toxic tampons and pads, by making the switch to healthy, comfortable, and eco-friendly Lily Cups!   Did you know that the amount of tampons and applicators discarded annually in the US alone could circle the equator 19 times? Containing non-biodegradable, petrochemical-based materials, these products are harming you and the [...]

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Mar 082015
Leona Chalmers - Menstrual Cups Inventor

International Women’s Day: Celebrating Leona Chalmers and Menstrual Cups

Each year for International Women’s Day Intimina celebrates women dedicated to making the lives of all women better. This year with the success of our Lily Cup Compact Kickstarter campaign, we want to pay special attention to the inventor of the menstrual cup: Leona Chalmers. She not only created an ingenious solution to period protection, [...]

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Jan 272015

Intimina’s Lily Cup Compact Featured on the Grommet!

We’re thrilled to announce that the Grommet has selected Intimina’s Lily Cup Compact to be featured on their website! The Grommet is a curated site that searches out and promotes innovative “products with a purpose” from trusted companies that the Grommet team itself loves. Take a look at the fantastic video they made about Lily [...]

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Dec 312014

Sara Strawn Demeure, Pelvic Health Expert and Physical Therapist Joins Intimina Medical Advisory Board

We’ve all heard about the important role strong pelvic floor muscles play in preventing incontinence, promoting a healthy pregnancy, and a huge range of other health benefits throughout a woman’s lifetime. But did you know that your pelvic floor is also integral to maintaining spine, hip, and pelvic joint health? At Intimina our mission is [...]

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Dec 242014
KegelSmart - Take the Guesswork out of Kegels

Introducing KegelSmart – The Pelvic Exerciser that Takes the Guesswork Out of Kegels

The revolution in Kegel exercising has arrived! Intimina is pleased to announce the US launch of KegelSmart - the smartest yet simplest Kegel trainer ever. It coaches you, just like a personal trainer, to help you easily and effectively strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. In only 5 minutes a day, you can finally conquer your Kegels and [...]

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