5 Tips for Amazing Sex During Menopause

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We often hear from women who are worried that their sex life will end when they reach menopause. It’s something that society as a whole has taken to be a given; that women will or even should stop having sex when the ‘change’ happens. Thankfully, it’s definitely not the case!

Two-thirds of women find no reduction in their sex drive during or after menopause. In fact, menopause can be a time to try new things and get more in touch with your body and sensuality. Our top 5 tips can boost your mood and ensure you have great sex through menopause and beyond.

1. Use Lubricants for Extra Comfort

It’s true that vaginal dryness can occur around menopause due to changes in your body’s hormone balance. The simplest way to solve dryness is by using a water-based vaginal moisturizer or lubricant.

Right now there are a lot of new types of lubricants which are super light-weight and comfortable, and even come in different flavors and with different options like cooling or warming. You can have fun experimenting with different lubricants available online or in the drug-store.

2. Start Kegel Exercising

Kegel exercises, the simple contract-and-release exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor, offer a number of benefits for any woman during and after menopause. Among those benefits is enhanced pleasure and even improved orgasm. Toning the pelvic muscles can even help to tighten your vagina and the increased blood flow that occurs during the exercises can help to reduce intimate dryness.

Using a Kegel exerciser that guides you through each routine makes the exercises more effective for even better results.

3. Have More Foreplay

It might take you a little longer to become aroused at this time in your life, which is why foreplay becomes so important. It heightens desire, boosts your sex drive, and allows you and your partner to really appreciate each others’ bodies and the sensations that you both can enjoy. Try introducing a personal massager into your foreplay for extra stimulation.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For What You Want

As we get older, women are often more confident in what they want in their intimate life, and you don’t need to feel shy about it. Letting your partner know what feels best for you is a win-win for you both, and will draw you closer together.

Be honest (but not critical!) and encourage your partner by letting them know what’s working best for you. Never be afraid to be vocal in bed – a little dirty talk can be just what you need to boost your sex drive!

5. Treat Yourself and Boost Your Mood

Sex is not only about the physical act itself. For sex to be fun, you need to feel good and in the right mind-set. Treating yourself to a new look, new lingerie, or even a totally different hairstyle can make you feel sexier and boost your self-esteem. Little things in the bedroom like sensual music, scented candles, or silk bedding can make you feel great and make sex even better!

If you do experience reduced desire during or after menopause, your healthcare practitioner can prescribe treatments that can solve this. Local vaginal hormone treatments can even be prescribed if dryness is a serious problem for you. A fulfilled sex life is something every woman deserves, either with a partner or on her own.

Please note that advice offered by Intimina may not be relevant to your individual case. For specific concerns regarding your health, always consult your physician or other licensed medical practitioners.

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  • Tanya Lee Williams says:

    I love how women are coming together to be open and comfortable talking about our sex lives, especially during and after menopause. Hearing these stories assures me that I’m not alone with these questions and issues.
    Thank you ladies 😊

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