Do Periods Really Sync Up?

We’ve all heard about it, maybe you’ve even experienced it yourself. You groan to your best friend about cramps when she says that, oh my god, she’s just started her period too! As a sign of your friendship, your uteruses have decided that the more menstruating, the merrier. But is is true that periods can sync up?

Well, the short answer is no.There was essentially one study that suggested that women’s periods synced up after living together that has not since been replicated.

The real reason why you and your close friends might feel like you’re on the same wavelength is actually because you’re all so unique!

Confused? Here’s What it Looks Like

Let’s assume we have two friends, Annie and Billi. For our purposes, let’s pretend their cycles are as regular as Swiss watches. (For the rest of us, thank heavens for period tracking apps!). . Annie’s period lasts 4 days, and she’s on a 28 day cycle. Billi’s is 6 days long, and comes every 21 days.

Even if they had their period start at the same time once, their periods wouldn’t be at the same time again for a few months, just because their bodies are running on independent schedules. 

And, of course, in real life, where even the most regular periods don’t always come 100% on time, it’s even less likely that you and a friend will be constantly visited by Aunt Flo at the same time. 

Does that Mean My Bestie & I Aren’t Really That Close?

Look, just because the magical bonds of friendship haven’t actually made your periods sync up, that doesn’t mean you aren’t tight! And, when it comes to bonding over your period, there are still plenty of ways to do that! From sharing hilarious first period stories to lending each other emergency ibuprofen to convincing your friend it’s time to try a menstrual cup for the first time

There’s always a way for you to be there for your pal!

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