Pink is the New Black – Grab an INTIMINA Menstrual Cup and Save During Pink Week!

Jan 252019

Your period is a magical thing. It can nurture your self-care routine, create some seriously sizzling sexual chemistry, and help save the planet. So how, you might be wondering, can your monthly annoyance of cramps, bloating, and bleeding do all of this at once?

It’s simple. Just switch from cumbersome pads or toxic tampons to reusable period cups. Sound too good to be true? Let us explain.

Your period is a magical thing. It can nurture your self-care routine, create some seriously sizzling sexual chemistry, and help save the planet.

So how, you might be wondering, can your monthly annoyance of cramps, bloating, and bleeding do all of this at once?

It’s simple. Just switch from cumbersome pads or toxic tampons to reusable period cups. Sound too good to be true? Let us explain.

Reusable menstrual cups are small, flexible silicone – well – cups, as the name suggests, that you can squeeze and gently insert into your vagina during any stage of your period (even those crazy-heavy days). While you go about your business, the cup hangs around near your cervix, where it collects blood without leaks for up to 12 hours without you feeling a thing.

Period cups have been around for a few decades, but they’re gaining traction again with modern babes and taking on a more comfortable, clean design with several options to fit every body.

They’re fantastic for the planet because they eliminate the need for pad and tampons. Just wash with soap and water and reuse it every month!

If you’re seeking comfort from cramps and some extra self-care during your period, period cups are just the ticket, as most women report lessened cramping and discomfort after switching. Plus, using a period cup is an act of self-love in itself since you’ll be getting up close and personal with your vagina.

And best of all, certain menstrual cup designs – which we’ll talk about below – are made just for period sex! Even if you’re the squeamish type, a mess-free period cup will keep blood at bay while you take advantage of all those raging hormones.

Oh, and did we mention INTIMINA is having a huge sale on all of our best-selling period cups? Yes, seriously! You just hit the vagina jackpot!

Now all you’ve got to do it pick the cup that suits your needs, and you’re off on a whole new adventure into the awesomeness of womanhood. Keep reading to learn about your many options in eco-friendly, cramp-free, and body-safe period care (and don’t worry, we won’t judge it you nab the whole INTIMINA cup collection).

The Lily Cup One

Wondering where to begin on your new period journey? We’d highly recommend the Lily Cup One for beginners who’ve never tried a menstrual cup before. There’s a good reason the box says “The Perfect Starter Cup” right across the front!

This easy-to-use, reusable period cup has everything you need to get started: a leak-proof double rim, a loop on the bottom for easy retrieval, 12 hours of protection for light to heavy flow, and a soft yet sturdy design that’s comfortable to wear and simple to insert.

The Lily Cup One’s smooth curves ensure it won’t wiggle out, even if it takes a few tries to place it perfectly against your cervix. The tiny air release holes at the top keep the cup from suctioning to the wall of your vagina, so rest assured on those false suction rumors, even if you’ve got an IUD. The cup even folds down to fit into a carrying case that goes with you anywhere.

If there’s one trend that’s totally worth following, it’s the period cup craze, and the Lily Cup One is a great place to start.

The Lily Cup

Our original Lily Cup is where it all began. This OG Intimina product works well for beginners or period cup addicts seeking something a bit more smooth and slender.

We recommend the original Lily Cup if you’ve got an extra-heavy flow. The Lily’s no-spill rim is just a bit larger than our other period cups, so it’ll catch everything, even on your heaviest days.

Its’ smooth sides allow you to roll the cup into a more cylindrical shape – sort of like a tampon – instead of just squeezing it together. Without any ridges, the thin Lily Cup is the ultimate in period cup comfort, and it’s slanted shape fits ergonomically with your inner curves. The slender stem is totally unnoticeable while inside, and makes for an easy grip when you’re ready to take it out.

Grab a Lily Cup if you’re looking for a luxury period experience that focuses on unparalleled comfort.

The Lily Cup Compact

For babes on the go, the Lily Cup Compact is a must-have for your purse, carry-on bag, or cosmetic case. It offers the same protection as the original Lily Cup and Lily Cup One with a design that’s like a mash-up of the two.

This soft yet sturdy period cup folds down into a small round compact that fits anywhere you stash your period goodies. The Compact has the slender stem of the Lily Cup with the ridged design of the Lily Cup One.

We recommend the Lily Cup Compact if you’re always on the run, or prefer a smaller cup without loosing the strength of the silicone ridges that secure it in place. It’ll still last you 12 hours, and it comes in two sizes – one for gals who’ve had kids via vaginal birth or experience pelvic floor muscle issues, and one for everyone else.

The Ziggy Cup

Now for a plot twist! The Ziggy Cup is unlike any period product you’ve ever tried – and that’s because it’s made just for period sex.
The Ziggy doesn’t look like your average menstrual cup. Instead of a cone shape, Ziggy is more like a flat half-moon that catches your flow without getting in the way of penetration. It’s soft base is made of thin silicone that flexes as it’s pushed by a penis or sex toy.

Ziggy’s edges are reinforced with a double-rim design that stays securely in place while keeping leaks at bay – yes, even while you’re getting down. As you move and groove, Ziggy hangs out right under your cervix to hold back blood, though you and your partner will totally forget it’s even there.

The Ziggy protects for 12 hours, too, so now you can take that hot and heavy post-date make-out session back to the bedroom without any interruptions.

So What Are You Waiting For? Now’s the Time to Love Your Period!

If you’ve never been excited for that time of the month, now’s your chance to change everything. Grab an INTIMINA menstrual cup during our Pink Week sale and you’ll learn why PMS is no match for an eco-friendly, pleasure-filled period – period!

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Please note that advice offered by Intimina may not be relevant to your individual case. For specific concerns regarding your health, always consult your physician or other licensed medical practitioners.

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