Postpartum Recovery Kit: Must-Haves for New Moms

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Forget Superman and Wonder Woman, new moms are some of the biggest heroes you will ever meet. In spite of the excitement of meeting the tiniest member of your family, pregnancy and childbirth might leave you feeling just a little bit exhausted. So take some time to heal your body & mind with these postpartum recovery essentials.

Nurture your nether regions

Believe it or not, pushing out a baby out can take its toll on your body. But don’t worry! There are lots of nifty little solutions out there that can soothe away any unwanted postpartum pains:

Full coverage underwear – First and foremost, make sure you are well stocked up on so-called “granny panties”. You want to avoid any tight clothing – especially underwear.  So aim to put Bridget Jones to shame and remember it’s all about comfort.

Sanitary Pads – Postpartum bleeding and discharge, otherwise known as lochia, can last up to six weeks after birth. Even if you delivered by cesarean, you will most likely experience some bleeding as your uterus shrinks back to its previous size, so make sure you have an ample supply of sanitary pads.

Witch Hazel – Things are probably going to be quite tender downstairs, luckily there is a homemade soother that new moms swear by. Just add a couple of tablespoons of witch hazel to your sanitary pad, and pop it in the fridge or freezer for a little cooling relief. Witch hazel also has amazing natural antiseptic properties to help your healing process, so make sure to stock up.

Peri Bottle – This little lifesaver is amazing at soothing any sore intimate areas, and is particularly handy for those first few tender trips to the bathroom. Fill it with lukewarm water and then squirt yourself as you urinate. It might sound a bit strange, but trust us! It works wonders.

Sitz Bath – Similarly to the peri bottle, the sitz bath is another extremely simple yet effective painkiller. This little pan sits on top of your toilet seat, and works like a mini bidet. The warm water alone is enough to give you relief, but it is also possible to add a small amount of Epsom salt or baking soda if you would like to.

Postpartum Girdle – There’s a little debate over the benefits of a postpartum belly binding, but if you’re not feeling 100% after birth, then it could help you out. Along with helping you fit into your old clothes again, binding can help with pain relief and support your internal organs as they adjust to the changes in your body.

Towels – In the first few weeks after birth you will probably experience some unwanted fluids. Whether it’s little leaks at bedtime, night sweats, or even some bleeding, don’t worry! Pop a couple of towels on your bed and you’ll feel comfortable and protected, all night long.

Grow stronger & stronger

Delivering a baby takes its toll on your body, particularly your hard-working pelvic floor muscles. These muscles take care of far more than just having a ‘tight’ vagina – they are also intrinsically linked with your bladder and bowel, and thus responsible for helping prevent incontinence. Things might be a little tender immediately after birth, but when you feel ready (and your doctor approves) Kegel exercises are a great way to get your intimate area back into shape. Plus, when your mind eventually (and it will!) turns back to your sex life, Kegels can help improve sensation during sex for better, and more frequent, orgasms. Learn more about the sexual benefits of Kegels here.

Once you’re fully healed you can even upgrade to a smart Kegel exerciser – perfect for upping your Kegel game and getting you even better results. These clever little devices measure your pelvic floor strength, endurance and reaction time and automatically set the perfect routine for your level – every time you exercise. Gentle vibrations let you know when to squeeze and when to stop. Simple, right?  


kegelsmart intimina mum baby smart kegel exercise device

Be kind to your mind

Having a baby is a pretty big deal – both physically and mentally. So it’s no wonder that postpartum anxiety and depression are some of the most common, but least talked about problems for new moms. If you’re feeling stressed or down then make sure to talk to your loved ones, as well as your family doctor. For a little downtime, make sure to treat yourself with some goodies that are just for you:

Juicy Reading Material Relax your mind with some light reading, maybe the latest trashy novel, or a stack of glossy magazines.

The Royal (Spa) Treatment You may not have given birth to a prince or princess, but you deserve to be treated like a queen. Indulge in some spa therapy, like an aromatherapy bubble bath, or maybe try and coax your partner into giving you a much needed foot massage. Also, we might have heard that a little dark chocolate is good for new moms… (even if you’re nursing)!

Music To My Ears Once you’ve managed to persuade the baby to get some shut-eye, pop in your earphones and  bliss out to some of your favorite songs. Music has been shown to be an incredibly effective stress reliever and some well chosen tunes will send your serotonin levels skyrocketing.

So new moms, take heed: the proof is in the prep! Decide on your own postpartum recovery essentials well in advance of your due date, and then enjoy new motherhood in complete comfort. Good luck, and happy planning!

Please note that advice offered by Intimina may not be relevant to your individual case. For specific concerns regarding your health, always consult your physician or other licensed medical practitioners.

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