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With all of these negativities and taboos around menstruation, we thought it would be a great opportunity to bring you some fun facts about periods that could help many of you ladies look at this topic and your bodies from a bit different, quite interesting angle. As some of these facts prove girls are neither common nor simple, but truly intriguing and complicated creatures.

Your voice can make a difference

Let’s start from a fact that proves how amazing and complexed women’s bodies are. Based on the scientific research women’s voices change during the menstrual cycle depending on which stage of a cycle they are currently at. All of these changes are caused by hormones of course.

At the beginning of a period, you speak with a bit deeper and hoarse voice, whereas while coming towards the end of menstruation your voice becomes brighter and higher. With every following day, it is clearer and clearer, and you are able to use its wider scale.

This is caused by the rise of estrogens around ovulation. Beginning of the third week of the cycle your voice starts to sound more monotonous and flat as estrogens start to drop and progesterone takes over, and it stays this way until the end of the cycle.

When education meets entitlement

If we are already on the educational topic – Have you heard of the video about menstruation that Disney made in the 40ies? If not, you should definitely check it out. What’s the most surprising and kind of mind-blowing is that this over 80 years old movie is still very up-to-date, it provides all the basic information on the period with a playful visual side.

The tips you can find in the video are exactly the same as written nowadays, talking about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and giving suggestion on how to cope with the cramps and heavy flow. As period enthusiast we must say: well done, Disney!

Intimina education

Old wives’ tales

Talking about history – hard to believe but some people in the past believed that menstrual blood could heal health conditions such as headaches, gout, hemorrhoids, warts, birthmarks etc. If only…

In times of witchcraft and demons, period blood was used to fight demons and to cast love charms. And what some treasured the most was actually the virgin’s first blood, which was thought to be a cure for the plagues.

In The Middle Ages, some people thought menstruation was the reason for the red hair. So in other words, they believed redhead children were conceived if a woman had sex during her period. Gingers FTW!


Intimina old wives



Wait, have we just said “sex during the period”?! You’re bloody right we did! Women can do almost anything #Whilebleeding, and one of these things is definitely period sex! And the reason for this is simple – according to medical research, orgasms can make the menstruation pain feel better. It’s all thanks to endorphins released during the climax that help fight neurotransmitters responsible for the cramps.

That being said, INTIMINA is all for some Red Sea sailing, how about you, girls? If you are considering it but are worried about all that bloody mess and awkward moments, here comes menstrual cup that guarantees mess-free sex – Ziggy Cup. No more dirty towels, hiding under the sheets or keeping the celibate for the Shark Week. Try it out, you will bloody love it!




That’s what she said

Have you heard that there are over 5000 euphemisms for menstruation all over the world? Almost every language there has its own ways of calling period. The menstrual cycle-tracking app Clue, released survey “Talking About Periods – An International Investigation” where they presented their results, including the most popular period euphemisms.

Our favorite ones are Rote Armee which in German means Red Army, C’est la saison des fraises which in French means That Strawberry session, Finish Hullum lechman tauti which stands for Mad cow disease, Danish Der Er Kommunister i Lysthuset meaning There are communists in the funhouse and Croatian Stvari which simply means Things.

what she said

Three is not a crowd

Last but not least, a fact regarding menopause actually – ever wondered which other female mammals go through these changes? The answer is only two more! So apart from human females, these are humpback whales and elephants. Can you image? We are in fact one of the only three breeds in the entire animal kingdom on the Planet experiencing menopause. High five Elephants and Humpback whales!

Intimna pink whale


So that’s all folks. As we mentioned in the beginning, it’s sometimes not only fun but also useful to go through the facts on what often seems to be an unconformable topic, just to realize how interesting and complex women’s bodies are.

To realize how some ways of thinking have stayed exactly the same for years and others have changed completely. What we truly hope for is that in the future one more fun fact will be added to this list for our children or their children and that it will be that people once thought of period as a taboo, what it is no longer. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this happens soon, as the period is a natural process that every woman is going through, Aunt Flo will keep visiting, so there is nothing to be ashamed about!

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Please note that advice offered by Intimina may not be relevant to your individual case. For specific concerns regarding your health, always consult your physician or other licensed medical practitioners


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