Why We Love Feminine Moisturizer (And You Will Too)

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Intimate lubrication is an important aspect of enjoyable, pain-free sex. If you don’t already know, let us be the first to tell you – a fantastic feminine moisturizer should be in that top drawer of your bedside table. Commonly known as lube, this slippery stuff lends itself to more than just great sex. So what is lube and why is it so wonderful? We’re glad you asked!

Sensational Sensations

Before we go any further, let’s talk about sex (baby). After all, what is lube for if not to make sex more pleasurable? There’s no denying it – feminine moisturizer makes sex feel amazing for all involved. It adds a certain slippery dimension that takes things to the next level. We say use it generously and often!

There Is Such a Thing as Too Much Friction

Without enough lubrication, you may experience some less than enjoyable sensations. Pain and discomfort during sex may be caused by different reasons, but is usually due to a lack of vaginal lubrication. If you’re skipping foreplay and getting straight to the main act, you could be setting yourself up for painful sex. Put some lube between you and your partner to take a shortcut when you just can’t wait for natural lubrication to come along. Or, put some between you and your favorite personal massager for an extended self-love session without any chafing.

Feeling More Than a Little Dry?

Intimate dryness is something most women experience at some point during their lives, be it a one-time occurrence or something they experience on a regular basis. There are many potential causes of feminine dryness, but it is most often associated with changes in estrogen levels. A decrease in estrogen is most significant during menopause, and can also occur at certain times throughout your menstrual cycle.

If you are experiencing symptoms of vaginal dryness, there are treatment options. A feminine moisturizer can offer immediate relief from the discomfort that accompanies a dry vagina. For a more long-term solution, consult your doctor.

Lube to the Period Rescue!

When you’re on your period, the pain and discomfort that comes with it can make using a menstrual cup seem like an extra challenge. A bit of lube can help make menstrual cup insertion much easier. If you’re a beginner, lube is your friend! Properly inserting a cup can take a few tries at first, and the extra moisture makes sure you stay totally comfortable while you get the hang of things.

Decisions, Decisions

Flavored lubes, warming lubes, lubes that tingle, silicone-based, water-based, the list goes on. It’s amazing to have so many options, but it can make deciding on one more challenging than finding a partner! When selecting an intimate moisturizer, choose one that mimics your natural lubrication and is pH balanced so as to not upset your vagina’s delicate equilibrium.

Whatever feminine moisturizer you choose and however you use it, remember that needing or wanting lube is nothing to be embarrassed about! Do what feels right for you, listen to your body and you can’t go wrong.

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