3 Most Effective Menstrual Cup Folds – with GIFs!

Nov 012016

how to fold your menstrual cup punchdown fold lily cup intiminaYou say potato, I say tomato. We all have our own unique ways of doing things – especially the way we use something as personal as a menstrual cup. Different things work for different bodies – and that fold you don’t like might just be your friend’s favorite. So sit tight, and let us guide you through our 3 favorite ways to fold a menstrual cup (with GIFS!) Need to take things back to basics? Check out our quick-start guide on how to insert and remove a Lily Cup.



Get into position!

When inserted correctly, a menstrual cup will sit fairly low down in the vaginal canal. The fold will keep the cup tightly rolled until it moves past the pubic bone, where it will then gently open, ready to collect your menstrual fluid. Here are 3 of our favorite folds, demonstrated with the help of the lovely Lily Cup and Lily Cup Compact.


Half V aka Punch Down Fold

half v punchdown fold menstrual cup lily cup compact gif intimina

This is possibly our favorite menstrual cup fold. It makes the cup especially small and a little more rigid, so that it’s extra easy to insert. This fold also makes it easier to push your cup further into your vaginal canal before the rim pops open and forms that all-important seal. We generally recommend this fold to first time cup users, as well as to anyone who is having trouble finding their groove.

How to fold 
1. Push the front rim of the cup down and in
2. Hold the cup near the base so it stays folded
3. Gently insert the pointed tip into your vagina


C Fold

c fold menstrual cup lily cup compact intimina

One of the most popular menstrual cup folds out there – the C fold. This technique is, quite simply,  folding your cup to make it look like the letter C. This fold is great because it is just so simple! Some users find that the seal doesn’t form quite as easily with this fold as with the Punch Down fold, but every user is different, so why not give it a try!

How to fold
1. Flatten your cup and fold it in half so it looks like a letter
2. Keep it held tightly near the rim of the cup so it doesn’t lose its shape
3. Gently insert the rim into the vagina


Tampon Roll Fold

tampon roll fold menstrual cup lily cup compact

Bonus fold! This one is just for Lily Cup users, as it’s the only menstrual cup that can roll as thin as a tampon. This fold can work really well for long time tampon users, as the insertion process is very similar.

How to fold
1. Flatten the cup by pressing on the shorter front rim
2. Roll from one side
3. Tightly grip the middle so it stays rolled & gently insert


Top Tip!

how to remove menstrual cup intimina lily cup compact

No matter which fold you favor, always make sure your cup opens fully and forms that seal! A proper seal is essential to you using your cup comortably – without leaks. If you’re finding this a bit tricky, then try inserting your cup a bit higher than it needs to be at first, and use your finger near the rim to slide the cup further in (most women find the half-v fold easiest to insert higher). Slide your finger up to the top of the cup to get it to pop open and form a seal. You can then use the base to pull it down to a comfortable position. Easy peasy!


These are just a few of our favorite folds – but don’t let this stop you from trying out any other fold you fancy! How you use your cup is unique to you, so try out some different options, and ultimately – do whatever works for your body. Now, go forth and fold! (Psst! Need help removing your cup? Check out our handy guide.)

lily cup compact intimina menstrual cup

Please note that advice offered by Intimina may not be relevant to your individual case. For specific concerns regarding your health, always consult your physician or other licensed medical practitioners.

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