Vaginal Dryness Causes (& What To Do About Them)

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What Causes Vulvar and Vaginal Dryness?

When talking about dryness, people commonly think about vaginal dryness. It is pretty typical; up to 17% of women aged 17 to 50 suffer from painful sex because of it. But the dryness never includes only the vagina. It is always followed by vulvar dryness; the dryness of the outer genitals leads to itchiness, discomfort, soreness, and pain due to lower levels of lubrication of the vulva. The dryness causes can be many – dehydration, stress, psychological factors and hormonal disbalance. Hormones are crucial in making your vulva and vagina hydrated. Changes in hydration, elasticity, and comfort occur when something shifts the balance of hormones. The most common time for these changes to occur is menopause, which is a natural process. Which doesn’t mean you have to let it slide.

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What Is an Intimate Cream?

A cream for intimate hydration moisturizes and soothes external genitals. Formulated with hyaluronic acid and a soothing complex of natural oils, it also has prolonged lubricating, protective, and soothing properties to help restore optimal comfort and softness. It can also be a saviour for sensitive, rash-prone skin, which can be a headache. It’s hypoallergenic, fragrance and alcohol-free with a pH of 4.5.

Why Does pH Matter?

Your reproductive organs (vulva and vagina, too) are supposed to be acidic. Why? Because the good bacteria that typically live there (Lactobacilli) eat up dead skin cells and decompose them, making their surroundings acidic. This acidity (pH from 3.8 to 4.5) protects you against bad bacteria, which prefer higher, more alkaline pH values. When estrogen levels start to deteriorate (in menopause or while breastfeeding, for example), the blood flow lessens, and the skin becomes thinner. There is not so much shedding of cells, and our Lactobacilli don’t have much to eat. They can’t produce acid, so the pH rises, making it easier for other bacteria and fungi to grow and potentially cause problems.

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Could It Be Something Else?

When you experience vaginal and vulvar itching, discharge, or pain, you should visit your gynaecologist to exclude conditions like vaginal infections, skin conditions and irritations. Infections can be various, but the most common one is caused by Candida spp. Skin conditions include dermatoses which aren’t so dangerous but can be annoying and some diseases like cancer which demand treatment. When these conditions are excluded, it leaves feminine hygiene products – various soaps, lubricants and perfumes which aren’t fragrance-free and have a higher pH value.

What To Do?

There are ways to make vaginal dryness better. Start with prevention: Kegel exercises are perfect for that. When you exercise, blood flow in your vagina and vulva increases, making the tissue softer and more elastic. When you do it regularly, you can postpone the influence of lower estrogen levels. To make things easier, you can use an exerciser to guide you through the exercises to ensure that you’re doing everything right.

Another way of increasing blood flow is regular sexual activity. So practising self-love or having fun in the bedroom with your partner could ease your problems. If you experience discomfort during sex, don’t fret; you can also use the Balmy cream for lubrication.

When prevention doesn’t work, there is hormonal replacement therapy. Talk to your gynaecologist about this option because it should help with most symptoms. But, like all medications, it has risks and side effects. 

Suppose hormonal replacement therapy isn’t your jam. In that case, an intimate soothing and moisturising such as Balmy cream is a great solution. It is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, compatible with condoms, does not contain alcohol and with a pH level of 4,5. It’s indicated for all types of dryness of the external genitals, not just the one caused by vulvovaginal atrophy. It is an excellent solution for external intimate dryness and itching often caused by shaving rash and sensitive skin. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and soothing active ingredients of plant origin that restore comfort, it provides long-lasting lubricative, protective, moisturising and soothing action. 

The most important thing is that there are solutions to end vulvar dryness. Your doctor can help you discover which one is suitable for you.

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