What’s the Difference Between KegelSmart and Laselle?

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Do you think you might have a weak pelvic floor? There are a few signs and symptoms of weak pelvic floor, such as experiencing leaks and dribbles. You might feel embarrassed, but one in three women in the US will experience incontinence at one point in their lives, and weakened pelvic floor is a common part of your post-pregnancy body. 

Even if it’s common and normal, you probably don’t love how it’s affecting your life. That’s why we worked with gynecological experts to create not one but two different aids to help you properly execute pelvic floor exercises (commonly referred to as Kegels).

With regular use, they can help alleviate the symptoms and discomfort you’re experiencing. But, they both work a little differently and may be more suitable than the other for your lifestyle. Here’s what you need to know!


What Is It?

Laselle is a small sphere coated in medical grade silicone with a weighted, free-moving ball inside and a removal cord.

How Does Laselle Work?

Laselle Weighted Exercisers are a simple yet effective vaginal weight. As you move, the inner weight swirls within Laselle, and your body unconsciously flexes around it. Not only does this inner weight offer resistance to efficiently strengthen your muscles but it also confirms its correct placement. 

There are different weight options which means you can work at your own pace as you build strength.

In addition to passive exercising, there are more intense ways to do pelvic floor strength exercises with Laselle. It may seem complicated, but it’s sort of like adding a barbell to your squats.

Using a vaginal weight like Laselle adds intensity to the Kegel ‘squeeze and hold exercises’ you’re already familiar with.

Who Is It For?

Laselle is best for people who are confident they know how to do Kegel exercises properly and want to add more resistance.


What Is It?

KegelSmart looks a lot like a bullet vibe, but it’s actually a ‘smart’ trainer that helps guide you through your pelvic floor strengthening exercises and tracks your progress. 

How Does KegelSmart Work?

KegelSmart is designed with special pressure-sensitive plates under its silicone coating that can actually sense how hard your muscles are squeezing around it.

Using this information, KegelSmart creates a personalized training program just for you by setting ‘workout routines’ based on your progress.

You turn it on, insert, contract when it vibrates and relax when it stops. The next time you turn it on, the button will flash your ‘level’ so you can see if you’re improving!

Who Is It For?

Do you sometimes feel unsure about whether you’re doing your Kegel exercises properly? Then KegelSmart is perfect for you! It takes the guesswork out of it, and even if you do feel like an expert and just want to see your progress, it’s great for that too!

6 thoughts on “What’s the Difference Between KegelSmart and Laselle?

  • Susan says:

    Hi Lane, I’m a 59 yr old woman worried about my pelvic floor and becoming incontinent as I age. I’ve recently been experiencing leaks while working out (jumping, mainly) at the gym.
    I’m wanting to know which would be a better purchase, as there’s no comments on the weighted balls, laselle.
    I’m on a fixed income and careful while making purchases. At the same time if you feel it would be more beneficial for me to buy the the kegelsmart, I’ll manage the purchase.
    Thank you.. your work in women’s healthcare is greatly needed and much appreciated ; )

    • INTIMINA says:

      Hi Susan! Thank you so much for reaching out. To help you make this decision, I would first ask if you have any experience doing Kegel exercises already? If you feel like you can feel which muscles you need to engage (your ‘stop the pee’ muscles), and the issue is just a new level of weakness, then you can definitely still get feedback from Laselle. This feedback comes from lightly holding the string end and using your muscles to pull the ball upward. You can always start with Laselle and try it for a few months to see if you get the results you desire. As well, if you’re able to visit a gynecologist with experience treating pelvic floor strength issues, they may have the tools to measure your strength on periodic visits. I hope that helps!

  • Sharon Wallace says:

    Can a condom be used with the KegelSmart?

    • INTIMINA says:

      Hi Sharon! Do you mean covering KegelSmart with a condom? You can do this if you wish, but it’s not strictly necessary as long as you are making sure to clean your device before and after each use, and are not sharing with anyone without cleaning.

  • adelle says:

    are these suitable for virgins? will they pass through the opening of my vagina?

    • Intimina says:

      Hi Adelle,

      you must be sure you need them, first. Your doctor will give you the best answer to your question because they know your physiognomy best. Please advise them before any decision.


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