Your period horror stories: ‘My period felt on a chair in the tram, in front of two handsome guys’

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Once, when I was 17, I was waiting to get on the night tram after hitting the bars. I had to leave my friends at the club because my stomach was hurting so bad and I knew my period was coming. It was snowing outside and very cold, and I could hardly wait to get home. The tram finally arrived and I hurried in to find a seat.

The chairs in the tram had heating. I felt like I had received a gift from heaven, one of the few benefits of public transportation. The heated stools relieve cramps and pain from menstruation. In the moment it was paradise. 

I rode for a while, and at one tram stop, two guys got in. I made eye contact with one of them and thought how handsome he was, but in the middle of my painful ride, I was not that interested in meeting anyone anymore. At this point, the most important thing was the love between me and the chair that warmed my ovaries. I swayed in peace for 15 minutes until I reached my station. 


The two cute guys laughed and talked. I felt like I didn’t have their attention anymore until I got up. I stood with my back turned to them and then heard thunderous laughter. I didn’t think it had anything to do with me until one exclaimed: ‘You must be Mary because you are bloody, Mary’ and started laughing.

I looked at them and at the chair, I was sitting on. The relaxation from the heated seat made my period increase to the point where my pants and the chair were drenched in blood. I didn’t know what to do, I was frozen. I couldn’t stay on the tram any second longer. I ran outside and didn’t look back. I wanted to disappear. 

For months afterwards, I didn’t take the night tram just to avoid the possibility of meeting the two of them ever again.

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