5 Ways to Green Your Bathroom for Earth Day

We have politely declined plastic straws, are in love with our cute stackable lunch kit containers, and have gotten killer calves from biking to work, but even we have forgotten a key area of our lives that could be a little greener. Just in time for Earth Day, here are our top tips for a more eco-friendly bathroom!

1. Do the Earth a Solid (Shampoo)

Less packaging = less plastic, so whenever possible, opt for beauty and hygiene products that use less packaging. Lush is famous for its big chunks of soaps, moisturizer bars and more, but they’re not the only company that creates shampoo bars! This eco friendly option is not only great for travelling when you have to be mindful of liquid allowances – it’s also our fave way to get our hair lathered and lovely without dooming a plastic bottle to lurk in the corner of the shower with half an inch of liquid in the bottom.

2. Say Bye to MicroBeads

California may have banned microbeads, but a similar country-wide ban is a long way from happening. Basically, the little plastic beads in most exfoliating scrubs end up in the oceans as plastic pollutants. While there are some options that use walnut husks, those are quite harsh on your skin – depending on your skin type, making your own oatmeal scrub, using a chemical exfoliant that ‘unglues’ dead skin cells or sticking to a good ol’ fashioned wash cloth should give you the glow you crave!

3. Up with Cups!

We’d be remiss to ignore the contribution a menstrual cup makes when it comes to reducing waste! It takes about 6 months for a tampon to biodegrade (to say nothing of the plastic applicator) and even pads are mostly plastic.  A cup could help you reduce your personal waste level (which can be about 270,000 tons a year for women in the US alone) and it’s reusable for years if taken care of!

4. Reuse…

Menstrual cups and cotton panty liners aren’t the only thing that you can re-use in the bathroom. There are plenty of companies coming out with reusable fabric pads and clothes that can be used to take your makeup off, without the waste!

5. …and Recycle!

Cosmetics are famous for adorably cute little containers….that usually end up in the landfill. If your container has a 1 or a 2 in the recycle sign, it can go with the rest of your plastic recyclables. Or, you can take it to a MAC store and get sweet free product in exchange! According to the MAC website, if you bring back six ‘primary packaging’ plastics (think, the actual compact, not the box it comes in) then you’re entitled to a free lipstick – just contact your local store to ensure they’ll accept packaging.


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