Female Masturbation Tips and 9 Mind Blowing Benefits

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Every woman needs a bit of self lovin’ every now and then after all, women masturbating it’s a great way to connect with your own body and de-stress –  but it can be easy to get stuck in a bit of a rut. Once you find your preferred way to rock your socks off or get your vibe on, you can forget how enjoyable it is to experiment and try new things. Here we have a few suggestions for how you can spice up your ‘me time’!

Lube Up!

The wetter the better. Masturbation is no fun if you have an intimate drought going on! While there can be some medical reasons behind a sudden change in your ability to self-lubricate, there is absolutely nothing wrong with using lube.

A water-based intimate moisturizer makes everything more fun – whether you’re using your fingers or a toy – so give your lube a place of honor on your bedside table!

Get Re-Acquainted with Your Vulva

Now that you have the lube out, take time to really explore your vulva. There is much more to the structure – and pleasure potential – of the clitoris than meets the eye, and you may find that there are some hidden pleasure points you didn’t even know about! This goes double for both sets of labia, which have plenty of sweet spots hidden in their folds!

Check Out Your Vagina Too!

Sure, you may be able to achieve a clitoral orgasm easily roughly 80% of women have trouble reaching orgasm through vaginal stimulation alone but that doesn’t mean you should give up the hunt for the sometimes illusive G-spot.

The G-spot is located 5 to 7 centimeters (2 to 3 inches) inside the vagina on the frontal wall. You’ll notice that this area feels slightly different from the rest of the vagina; a little bumpier. With either your fingers or a massager specially sculpted to target your G-spot, you can experiment with applying constant or intermittent pressure against it in conjunction with clitoral stimulation. Try and replicate a ‘come-hither’ motion to really get things going.

Get Your Whole Body Involved

When it comes to masturbation, it is easy to think ‘vagina, vagina, vagina.’ Well, how about thinking ‘ears, nipples and necks,’ too! These are all erogenous zones of the female body that usually don’t get the attention they deserve.

You can never go wrong with foreplay – solo or partnered – so massage your body or do whatever gets your juices flowing.

Change the Scenery

If you always masturbate in bed, then maybe it’s time to mix things up! Try your sofa or lock yourself in the bathroom. With a waterproof massager, you can take full advantage of your bathtub or shower just watch your water usage!

Switch Positions

Ever considered Kama Sutra? Solo practice makes perfect! Try kneeling like you would in the reverse cowgirl position, or standing up; you can lean back with your legs apart or lean forward onto a counter and move your body against a clitoral massager to replicate an upstanding bump’n’grind!

Take Your Time

It can be so tempting to rush straight towards the finish line and go back to your business after a quick ‘O.’ While these little quickies can be great, and practical if you’re short on time, try not to limit yourself. It’s not all about the orgasm, it’s about the journey too!

Female masturbation has been historically frowned upon and there are still taboos surrounding it, which can make even the most enthusiastic practitioner think of their pleasure in a very singular way.

However, masturbation is good for you! It helps you feel relaxed physically and mentally, it can lead to a better night’s sleep, it helps increase body confidence and awareness and a lot more pretty amazing health benefits.

Amazing masturbation health benefits

1. Sexploration

In the privacy of your own home, the setting, duration, props and moves are entirely at your discretion, making this a perfect time to see what turns you on. Employing some of those hushed fantasies and experimenting with new ideas can stir up some exciting discoveries about your sexuality.

Taking the time to touch and see what buttons you really like pressed means improved confidence in your pleasure, with or without your partner.

2. Way Better Than A Stress Ball

Tuning out daily worries and focusing on thoughts that simply make you feel hot is going to reduce stress. With the release of endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin during orgasm and the increased blood flow that happens during masturbation, this means not only a reduction in blood pressure but also a diffusion of those feel-good chemicals around the body. Stress-management never felt so good.

3. Abating Auntie Flo…

If it’s Red Week, engaging in some *me* time can help alleviate cramps and might actually shorten your period. When we orgasm, muscle spasms and contractions can expel uterine tissue and blood faster than normal, relieving cramps, bloating and ultimately helping our period to pass more quickly.

The hormones released in orgasm (oxytocin and dopamine) also help to assuage cramps, feelings of sadness and depression and other factors associated with PMS. Sold!

4. ZZZZzzzzZZZZZZzzz

The release of dopamine during masturbation creates a powerful sense of well-being in one’s body and if done before bed can help you drift off to the land of nod for a sound night’s sleep. As you may well know, orgasms send tingly sensations around the body so you’re going to enjoy wrapping yourself around those blankets more than usual.

5. Use It Or Lose It Sister…

…Kind of. Masturbation keeps our sex organs healthy, as stimulation increases blood flow around the area, improving sensitivity, tone and general health of their tissues. This is particularly important for women around or in menopause, since lower levels of estrogen and reduced blood flow to these areas can cause narrowing or shortening of the vagina which means sex and gynecological exams can be uncomfortable.

Stimulation is key to keeping any part of the body healthy and happy, so there you have it, the perfect excuse!

6. Safe (Solo) Sex

Sex can be a bit of a minefield, from unwanted pregnancies, STDs and body image hang-ups there are many dangers, precautions and anxieties we preoccupy ourselves with. Flying solo is totally safe and means you can get as freaky as you possibly want and even throw some toys into the mix for enhanced feels.

7. Hold On A Second…

Touching yourself means you are quite literally, more in touch with what is going on in your body. Exploring your intimate area means you’re more likely to detect any problems and be more in tune with what feels normal and what doesn’t.

In fact, a recent study found that women who use vibrators are more likely to be proactive about caring for their sexual health. So if you spot anything unusual you can take the necessary precautions and get checked out quickly.

8. Protect Against Infections

When we orgasm, the cervix opens slightly in a process called ‘tenting’, this can expel bad bacteria associated with infections from the uterus along with other fluids, in the process actually lubricating the vagina. Yes ladies, masturbation is the gift that keeps on giving.

9. Up Your Body Image

Engaging in some “ménage à moi” means doing what feels good for you and no one else – which can be pretty empowering. Getting pleasure out of your body and witnessing all the ways it can make you feel amazing is a sure fire way to make you love the skin you’re in. Transfer that to a ménage à +1 scenario and you’re going to feel way more comfortable with your body, which is always super sexy.

So whether it’s for your self-esteem, sense of well-being or genuine bodily health, lie back girls… and get flickin’! Ahem…

2 thoughts on “Female Masturbation Tips and 9 Mind Blowing Benefits

  • Brenda says:

    Here I am 66 yrs old and I have just learned so much. I have just recently started discovering myself and have been enjoying the trip. My first orgasm was a few years ago when I got interested in self love and toys. There is so much in this article that I never knew and will practice now that i am aware. Thank you for the information and knowledge you have shared.

  • Sejal says:

    That is amazing to hear <3 Wishing you lots of fun

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