Meet Your New Orgasmic Workout – How to Add Pleasure to Your Kegel Routine

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Kegels are our favorite way to get your fitness on, and it’s easy to see why.

These vagina-strengthening exercises feel good, and they’re good for you. C’mon, try and tell us you can say the same about kale salads!

If you haven’t caught on the the Kegel craze yet, we’ll fill you in. Kegel exercises – coined for Dr. Arnold Kegel, the American gynecology professor who created these pelvic toning exercises in the late 1940s – are made to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which support all the internal organs near your pelvis, including the vagina and bladder.

Big life changes, like having a baby, serious pelvic medical issues, and the good ol’ natural aging process can slowly weaken your pelvic floor muscles. This means you might have issues with incontinence (pssst, that means bladder control), or your vagina just doesn’t feel as susceptible to pleasure, which can be a sign of loose muscles after pushing out an 8-pound baby (which is a totally normal thing, by the way. Don’t listen to the folks who tell you too much good sex ruins your vagina!).

Luckily, the fix is pretty simple. Just do your Kegels on the daily and you’ll notice some serious improvement in your ability to clench your vaginal muscles. If you need advice on getting started with a Kegel routine, or wondering how the heck you even “do a Kegel,” Intimina has some great tips right here [link to my previous Intimina article, “The Beginner’s Guide to Kegels]. (Hint: it’s super easy. You just squeeze and release your vaginal muscles and butt cheeks.)

But guess what we discovered while doing our Kegels? When you combine them with a Kegel-ciser toy, like the Intimina KegelSmart fitness tracker or the weighted Laselle Exercise Balls, and a little masturbation imagination, you can add an orgasmic touch that’ll have you (literally) coming back for more. Who thought your daily ol’ workout routine could be this amazing?

If you love sex toys, self-pleasure, and finding new, juicy ways to get off (and who doesn’t?), you’ll love our unique pleasure workout plan. Welcome to your new sexual workout, Intimina style!

Get Into the Kegel Flow

First things first: You’ve gotta make sure you’re doing this whole shebang right! If you’re not clenching the correct muscles, your whole workout will go to waste, just like at the gym. Before you start twiddling those fingers or toys down south, get up to speed on the correct way to do a Kegel and how to create a routine of repetitions and sets.

If you’re still confused about how Kegels work, make sure you read up on our Beginner’s Guide to Kegels. It’s full of great advice on how to figure out which muscles you need to be clenching, how often to squeeze ’em, and the different types of vaginal “workout equipment” aka Kegel-ciser toys for each experience level.

Don’t worry, we’ll be waiting right here when you’re done reading.

Now Comes the Fun Stuff

Got those Kegels down? Good! Now you’re ready to add a little extra somethin’ somethin.’

When you’re ready for your next down-there workout, grab your Kegel-ciser of choice, though we’d recommend one that vibrates, like the Intimina KegelSmart. This Kegel toy will vibrate when it’s time to squeeze, and stop when it’s time to release, guiding you through your routine with pleasureable motivation.

Before you insert the Kegel-ciser, get into a sensual mindset. Lay down on your bed or somewhere comfortable and relaxing. Have some lube handy if you prefer a slick touch. If you usually prefer intense stimulation, prepare your mind and body for a meditative self-pleasure workout that focuses on every subtle movement and rumble of the toy.

Now start your Kegel routine as usual, but this time, take notice of the sensations as you clench your muscles around the inserted silicone toy. Each time you squeeze in unison with the vibrations, feel the gentle rumbles radiate from your vagina up through your clitoris. With each squeeze, your Kegel-ciser will gently rock against your G-spot, blending manual muscle stimulation with those of the vibrator.

Move through your entire workout in this mindset, focusing on each squeeze and release of pleasure. Feel free to conjure up a dirty fantasy, or squeeze your breasts or nipples. Don’t touch your clitoris or vulva until you’ve finished an entire round of Kegel sets – this is the cherry on top for round 2!

Finish Your Workout with a Bang

Now that you’re all warmed up and your body is begging for an orgasm, start your Kegel routine over from the beginning, but this time, don’t worry about getting all your squeezes absolutely perfect.

Keep focusing on those rhythmic vibrations as you squeeze, and now, start to slowly, gently work yourself towards climax. Tease your labia, or make slow circles around your clitoris, still taking notice of those heavenly rumbles each time they arise.

When you’re right at the edge, wait for another round of vibrations to begin, and then let yourself climax as you squeeze around the rumbling Kegel-ciser.

Because you’ve allowed your body to gradually build arousal, your entire pelvic region is pulsing with oxygen-rich blood, and your muscles are primed to contract, all of which leads to an earth-shattering, full-body orgasm.

While we can’t guarantee that all your other, less sensual workouts of the weights-and-gym sort will ever look this enticing, we do know that you’ll never forget to do your daily Kegels again!

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