Everyone’s a Winner with These Sex Games

Sexual Wellness | | Natasha Weiss
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If you’re here, you’re either well versed in the world of sexual experimentation, or are at least curious about broadening your horizons.

Your sex life has the opportunity to provide healing, connection, unlock creative potential, feel deep pleasure, and of course – have fun!

You deserve to have an incredibly fulfilling sex life, one that fuels your fire, and sparks your flame. 

Exploring the world of kink, exhibitionism, orgasmic mediation, and threesomes, will all help you push the boundaries of your sex life.  

Another way to bring some extra fun into the bedroom (or outside of it) is with sex games. 

Sex games are a fun way to break down boundaries and insecurities you may have with yourself or your partner, and bring in a spirit of inspiration, liveliness, playfulness, and break up any ruts or staleness in your sex life.

Take these games for a spin, and watch your sex life come alive!

Show and Tell (But Don’t Touch)

In this very grown-up version of the grade school classic, there is plenty of room for imagination. 

Here are the basics of this one: You will show – and maybe tell – in front of your partner, but they aren’t allowed to touch you – and maybe themselves either – until you give them the magic word. “Now” works great as this magic word.

You can take this as far as you want. Plop your partner down in the “audience”, and you take center stage, which is probably your bed, but who knows. 

Get dressed up to dress down. You can put on music that really makes you feel yourself, do some sexy dancing and a striptease for your sweetie. Then depending on your comfort levels, have them watch you pleasure yourself. 

Tease and entice them, getting closer and closer. You can slowly let them feel the warmth of your breath as you get closer to saying the magic word. 

They’ll be ready to explode (literally) by the time you whisper that magical three-letter word. 


The Magic Square

This one takes a lot of communication, both non-verbal and verbal.

You and your partner will decide on one small area of yours or their body to focus on at a time. You can also discuss what sort of sensations like tingly, tickling, spiky, you do or don’t want to experience. 

When having this conversation, feel free to make it sexy and enticing. Words are sexy, make it part of your “foreplay”.

The receiver will then be blindfolded, and with a timer set, the giver will touch only within the designated “magic square” for the duration of the timer. We suggest having this magic square be outside of the genitals, and in a seemingly more inconspicuous place like the belly, thigh, or decolletage.

This game allows you to both be present in the moment and the sensation of giving or receiving, without any pressure to speed things up. 

The receiver can actively communicate what they do and don’t like, whether that be with full words and sentences, or simple moans and grunts. The giver can strive to pick up on their partner’s non-verbal cues, tuning in to the subtleties of their pleasure while in a state of giving. 

You can take turns as many times as you want, switching between giver and receiver, and exploring new areas and sensations. 

Guess This Object

This is somewhat similar to the last game in terms of focusing on tactile sensations, but with a new twist.

First off, of course, discuss beforehand if any area of the body or sensation is off-limits. 

Then the receiver will get comfy and yep you guessed it – blindfolded – while the giver rummages around the house for a few objects.

When the receiver is ready, the giver will then move the object in whatever motion seems enticing on the receiver’s body.

The receiver then tries to guess what the object is.

Get creative here, reach into the fridge, your garden (careful of allergies), your sex toy box, office supplies, really anything here as long as it’s deemed physically safe and comfortable by the receiver. 

A Lover’s Lens

Always wanted to serve as someone’s creative muse? Well here’s your chance.

Whether or not you and your partner feel like you have any creative skills, now is the chance for you to chant “Draw me like one of your French girls!” a la Titanic.

Set a sexy scene with draperies, flowers, crystals, grapes, go all out in luxury, or keep it simple in nature. 

Now strike a pose as your partner captures your beauty through their eyes. This doesn’t just have to be with drawing of course. They can watercolour, use pens, clay, collage, even make a sculpture from bits and bobs they find around the house.

Keep in mind this isn’t about making it look exactly like the muse, but giving the partner a chance to capture their essence – through a lover’s lens. 

While this may not seem like a sex game, there’s plenty of room to add an x rated twist into the mix. Do this activity sans clothes, have them create art around your most ahem *luscious* parts. Being seen in this way by a lover opens up the floor for a wild ride.

Drop any self-consciousness you have around your creative abilities, this is about seeing and honoring the muse’s beauty and energy. 

Remember, when it comes to sex games, there are only winners, no losers. So let this guide serve as inspiration to make up your own games by yourself, or with a partner. Game on!

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