INTIMINA Launches the Menstrual Waste Calculator


You might be surprised at how much trash you throw away each month just from your period. This year in honor of Earth Day, we’ve created the Menstrual Waste Calculator to display the environmental impact of disposable period products like pads and tampons and the huge difference that switching to a more sustainable period protection can make.

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What Menstrual Waste?

tampon> Tampons: take 6 months to biodegrade.

tampon-with-applicator> Plastic Applicators: last indefinitely.

pad> Pads: about 90% plastic.

panty> Pantyliners: made of rayon, chemically treated wood pulp.

And that doesn’t even include the packaging! Imagine how much waste is created from the tampon and pad sleeves, the cardboard boxes, the plastic wrapping… It’s a massive amount of trash that could be avoided by simply switching to a menstrual cup.


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