What’s the Difference Between Ziggy Cup and Lily Cups?

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The world of menstrual care is a varied and glorious one! But as you decide to leave tampons behind to embark on the low-waste, high coverage adventure that is menstrual cups, you still have questions. Like, what’s the difference between a Ziggy Cup and the Lily Cups? We’re glad you asked!

Crucial Cup Characteristics

We’re cup enthusiasts (obviously) so we don’t need much prompting to talk about all the wonderful aspects of menstrual cups. A reusable, body-safe silicone cup (the only kind we sell) can last for years with proper cleaning and care. That saves you money and saves the earth from a lot of waste. 

What’s more, if you find yourself prone to leaks, menstrual cups may be just the thing you need. They have way, way more capacity than your standard tampon. But there are a few considerations when it comes to picking the perfect cup. 

Intimina Lily Cups

Our Lily Cups come in a few different styles. Some are meant for people first trying out a menstrual cup (or those new to periods). Then there are the collapsible cups, and our classic cups which come in different sizes.

These styles have different features that complement different lifestyles and bodies. But they all roughly follow the same design principle. Once open and ready to be worn, these menstrual cups are shaped like an inverted cone, and are inserted as high within the vagina as is comfortable. They work great! But, they’re not the only option out there. 

Ziggy Cup

Ziggy is one of our newer cups, and it looks just a little bit different than the Lily Cups! Rather than a cone, it’s flat and wide.

Ziggy’s unusual shape isn’t just to make it look cool though. Its oval, flat menstrual disc shape means that it not only has a capacity that’s twice that of the average cup, it also fits in your body in an entirely different way for ultimate comfort and ultimate possibilities.

Lily Cup vs Ziggy Cup

Placement: Lily Cup vs Zigg Cup

Because it sits so high within the vagina, wearing Ziggy means that you enjoy menstrual protection and have the ability to enjoy penetrative pleasure, with a partner or solo!

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