Review Roundup: KegelSmart Pelvic Floor Trainer

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If you’re ready to take your first steps toward incorporating Kegel exercises into your daily routine, you might be wondering where to start. While a ‘hold and squeeze’ manual method can certainly work out your pelvic floor muscles, it can be hard to know if you’re actually doing your exercises properly. The KegelSmart is the perfect solution! It has pressure sensors that take the guesswork out of pelvic floor exercises, and even gives feedback – just check out these reviews of KegelSmart to find out more!


I Tested the KegelSmart by Intimina. Here’s Why I Love It

The workout itself was simple and easy to follow. However, I’ll also admit that it was a lot more intense than I expected. I immediately felt more toned following the workout, and in a weird way, also felt more energized.”

“Within about a week of using the Intimina KegelSmart twice a day, I started to notice a difference when it came to my sex life. I felt smaller down there—to the point that my boyfriend actually mentioned it.

I also had an easier time holding my pee in when I had to wait in line for a bathroom stall. While I didn’t quite get to the five star rating in that week, I still kept going at it. These things take time, you know. “

Check out more of this thorough KegelSmart test and review.



Let’s Talk Kegels! (KegelSmart!)

“I thought this device was really really cool, there are a lot of things I really like about it. Ease of use for sure, the fact that you’re using medical grade silicone  – I’m a big fan of that. [It’s] something that takes a little bit of the probably shame out of something that we don’t talk about a lot.

Watch more of Megan’s review of KegelSmart below!


Keeping It Tight Down There with KegelSmart

“After three weeks of regularly (twice a day) using my KegelSmart I went from a Level 2 to a Level 4! There is no way that I would have results like this if I had continued to do Kegels on my own. Again, I wasn’t sure if I was doing them correctly on my own, so I wasn’t consistently practicing. Once I saw progress, I knew I was doing them right and continued to see results. “

We love hearing success stories like this KegelSmart review!



How To Tighten Vaginal Muscles After Having A Baby!!!

“I absolutely love this product. I wanted to tell you guys about it because you asked me when I was pregnant and after the baby too, about Kegel exercises, and exactly how to do it.”

This YouTube review is a great explainer about how pelvic floor exercises can help make a difference!

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The Best Kegel Exercisers, According to Sex Experts and Physical Therapist

Fleming recommends the KegelSmart as a vibration device that is super user-friendly. It does not come with an app: You simply insert it, and the device sets an exercise regimen and uses vibration to guide you along. The KegelSmart uses simple, gentle vibrations to let you know when to squeeze and release.”

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8 thoughts on “Review Roundup: KegelSmart Pelvic Floor Trainer

  • Norma Matias says:

    Good information.

    • Fra says:

      Does Kegelsmart include instructions on how to do the exercises? Or should we find them elsewhere?

      • INTIMINA says:

        Hi! If you’re looking for tips, this video can help you out! As well, the diagrams in this article will be useful. Basically, you turn on and insert the KegelSmart, and wait for it to vibrate. As it vibrates, you ‘lift and squeeze’ per the diagrams, and then relax fully when the vibrating stops. Hope that helps!

  • Debbie says:

    Where do you turn it on. I can’t see anywhere . Doesn’t appear to work then randomly switches in whilst in the drawer

    • Intimina says:

      Hi Debbie,

      just hold your finger on the button and you will turn on the device. Please let us know did you make it.

      Have a great day

  • Millie Berrios says:

    My kegelsmart doesn’t always work. I’ve changed the batteries a couple of times and sometimes it’s ok and it works fine. Sometimes it stops working half way through the exercise. I’m not really happy with it. Maybe I got a defective one? Would like a replacement. Thank you

    • Intimina says:

      Hi Millie,

      please report this to our customer care, they will help you with a replacement.

      Have a great day

  • Happy customer says:

    The BEST thing I did for my pelvic floor since having my kids! I went for a smear and the nurse remarked how loose my vagina was (super embarrassing and unprofessional of her!) so came straight home and searched the internet for a kegal trainer as I was now self conscious! Came across the kegalsmart. Used it every morning for about 15 mins and my goodness it’s really working! At first after using it, I would leave it inserted and go to the bathroom to remove it and by the time I got to the bathroom it would be falling out but now it doesn’t! When you turn it on, the number of flashes reflects your pelvic strength and mine has gone from 1 flash to 2 flashes in a few weeks (very weak to now just weak but the difference it’s made is amazing) so now I can’t wait for 3 flashes (download the user manual and it tells you what level the device thinks you are) Tip- use lube before popping it in though! Stick with it ladies, it WILL improve your quality of pelvic health. I’m so happy and grateful for this device

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