Diary of a Leaky Lady: My First Time Trying Lily Cup One

The following is a personal review of Lily Cup One from one of our Intimina fans who tried one of our newest menstrual cups.

As someone who can easily go through a regular tampon every 1.5 hours during the first 2 days of her period, you’d think that my first time using a menstrual cup would have been a revelation.

Well, in some ways it was! When I first tried a Lily Cup Classic, I wisely decided to do so at night – with a pad on, just in case of leaks. When I woke up the next morning to a full cup and zero leaks, I was ecstatic and ready to donate all my assorted liners to my roommate.

But, it seemed I had spoken too soon. For some reason, my ability to reliably open my cup has never surpassed a success rate of 70%, which is not quite high enough for someone as paranoid as me. (I do much better when  I wear one to bed, so perhaps my tossing and turning somehow rolls it open – further study required – but I’m particularly bad at the mid-day office empty and reinsert.) And so, as much as it pained my inner environmentalist, I only wore my cup at night.

That is, until I tried Lily Cup One for the first time.

This little cup has a thick, stiff rim which ensures that it opens and seals like an absolute dream! I used a C-fold to insert my cup, no problem –  at any time of day, I might add! The Lily Cup One has been a total game-changer in terms of making me a confident cup changer whether I’m at work, the gym, or trying to balance in particularly sketchy bar facilities.

Now, Lily Cup One is the smallest sized cup – but its bubble shape actually lets it hold a little more than a Lily Cup Compact Size A, meaning that it won’t make for too  many more extra changes throughout the day (and, like I said, it’s so easy to use it doesn’t really matter). If you have a particularly high cervix though – as I do – you will also be taking full advantage of its removal ring.

All in all, I highly recommend Lily Cup One for those who are new to cups or find themselves having a little extra trouble with opening their cups – because Lily Cup One makes it all so incredibly easy!

Lily Cup One - The Perfect Menstrual Cup for Beginners


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