Postpartum Kit

Postpartum Kit

Postpartum Kit

KegelSmart™ 2 + Laselle™ Weighted Exerciser + Feminine Moisturizer

This brand-new bundle is tailored for all the new mamas! KegelSmart™ 2 pelvic floor trainer will guide you throughout your journey of regaining strong and healthy pelvic floor muscles. Laselle™ exerciser is here to aid, too - choose the weight you prefer and use it for a quick workout whenever you want to build strength and tone fast. Feminine Moisturizer ensures the insertion is painless, quick, and smooth!

Please select your preferred Laselle™ weight below.

$ 104.00
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Choose weight: 28 g

Inside the Bundle
For guided Kegel routine
Help within a hand’s reach.
Empower your pelvic floor.

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