My Pleasure Kit

My Pleasure Kit

My Pleasure Kit

Ziggy Cup™ 2 + Personal massager Raya™ + Feminine Moisturizer

Your libido is heightened during your period, but you’re not fond of the mess? This bundle will help you enjoy sex any day of the month - mess-free! Ziggy Cup™ 2 is a period disc that won’t leak during intimacy. Choose your size and forget about abstinence. Raya™ will help you reach unforgettable pleasure, and Feminine Moisturizer can be used with both products, ensuring the insertion is painless, quick, and smooth.

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$ 69.90
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Ziggy Cup A
Ziggy Cup B
Ziggy Cup 2

Choose size: Size A

Size A - Perfect if you have a low cervix, light to medium flow, or you want to get used to menstrual discs. Can be used for mess-free period sex.


Size B - Designed to collect everything from light to heavier flow and fit people with a higher cervix. Can be used for mess-free period sex.

Inside the Bundle
For versatile pleasure
No leakage during intimacy!
Help within a hand’s reach.

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